Idea Marketing Group is pleased to welcome project manager Beka Wyatt to the team!

Beka received her Bachelor’s Degree in communications from Aurora University. Her experience in college helped her discover her talents and passions. Being detail-oriented and having the ability to keep an organized process makes her a perfect fit for project management. She loves establishing relationships with the people she works with and helping them tell their stories.

Right out of college Beka began an internship with Design & Promote where she helped businesses increase brand exposure and generate leads. Since 2013, Beka has worked with several different marketing firms helping customers promote their brand and bringing their vision to life. She is also the co-founder of Armonia Tea and Coffee that’s located here in Yorkville, which she manages with her husband.

In Beka’s spare time she likes to be outdoors with her family. She loves hiking and being by the water. Beka also loves reading and usually reads a combination of fiction and nonfiction books. Along with other members of the Idea team, Beka is also a member of the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce where she builds relations with members of the community.

Welcome to the Idea team, Beka. We’re happy to have you!

“I simply love to learn new things and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends.”