Idea Marketing Group is proud to introduce our new summer intern, Mitch Feltz!

Mitch just recently graduated from Drake University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication and majored in Public Relations. He grew up in Bristol, IL and has lived in the same house with his family his entire life until he moved away to college. He has an older brother named Doug who is a local musician and a younger sister named Angie who is currently a Junior at Yorkville High School.

One of Mitch’s biggest passions is music. Mitch loves exploring new artists and attending concerts. He enjoys the energy and drive of live performances and is intrigued by how musicians engage their audience. As a matter of fact, his ultimate goal is to work in the music industry one day. For a while, he even DJ’d for his college’s radio station. Mitch said he enjoyed his opportunity as a DJ as it allowed him to promote the music he found and connected with. When Mitch isn’t searching for new artists or jamming out at a show, you can find him trying out new places to eat with his friends or enjoying a game of poker with his family.

When we asked Mitch what he hopes to get out of his internship with us here at Idea, he said:

” I hope to gain experience and connections. Learning SEO writing at Idea will prove to be valuable in my future job searches. I also see this internship as an opportunity to improve my writing and learn from other employees.”

He also said he understands how difficult it can be to satisfy a B2B client and looks forward to gaining a better understanding of how we handle client relations here at Idea.

We’re super excited to teach Mitch all there is to know about marketing and web design, and hope to give him a valuable experience that he can use to be successful in his future endeavors!