Idea Marketing Group had the opportunity to participate and sponsor the annual 2017 FUND Conference, hosted at the VenueSix10 Conference Center in Chicago on October 26, 2017.

FUND believes in connecting the best startups and growing companies with early stage investors. FUND is one of the early leaders in the industry creating long lasting relationships with startups and investors. They also want to help investors find the right opportunities. FUND believes in connecting life-long relationships with individuals looking for opportunities to invest in their career. You could attend the conference as an entrepreneur or investor and learn about the opportunities that FUND has to offer. FUND believes in providing incredible content to not only entrepreneurs, but also their businesses and employees to help build and create a workspace that is inviting and challenging for everyone.

The goal of the FUND Conference is to bring all of the talent in a business together, from employees to investors, to not only improve the business as a whole, but to also improve the business practices and consider each person involved.

The day was filled with keynote speakers and panels for discussion topics related to the workforce today, and the specifics employers should think about when hiring and looking for candidates and new investors.

Idea Marketing Group is grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this conference and create lasting relationships with business executives and other entrepreneurs. We hope to be a part of the FUND Conference again next year!