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Liz Skalla, GIVN

Liz Skalla has been with GIVN, a sustainable water company that focuses on human rights, for six years as a member of their Board of Advisors, Co-founder, and EVP. With a passion for building and mentoring companies, she has proven herself as a leader of brands. Liz has consulted for international brands such as Philips Healthcare, Guggenheim Aviation, and Tampax. Her first project, PiecesofThere, was acquired by HealthyCollegeSnacks in 2016, giving her experience that she now uses to mentor other brands. 

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Podcast highlights with Liz Skalla of GIVN

  • The story behind GIVN water and how they’ve grown
  • How significant is a B Corp certification?
  • What Liz Skalla did to help drive rapid growth at GIVN
  • The channel sales strategy that GIVN has implemented
  • Keeping your products fresh to stand out from the competition
  • Why brand development is so crucial for startups
  • The greatest hurdle that GIVN has had to overcome

In this episode…

Building a sustainable and conscious business comes with its own advantages and challenges. For one, production costs are often higher so it’s difficult to rely on affordability. Instead, it becomes important to lean into the ideals behind the company and show off what sets the brand apart. 

Liz Skalla knows all about the struggles of building a brand, having started one herself and mentoring countless others. For over six years, she has helped GIVN weather several difficulties and still continue to grow into new fields. The experience has given her key insights into the industry that she’s keen to share with others.

Darren Fox takes some time to interview Liz Skalla, the EVP of GIVN, to talk about what it takes to grow a sustainable brand. They start with the company’s story and how they found success early on. They then shift into the specific marketing strategies they used to survive their greatest trials. Outside of GIVN, they also discuss topics such as B Corporation certification, brand development, and how to reach an audience.

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