Free is a very persuasive word; which, as a small business, is a no brainer when it relates to advertising. Creating a Facebook business page is great way in adding to the overall strategy of your online presence and is a great tool in promoting your website while connecting directly to your customer base. Facebook boasts 300 million active users worldwide and is growing every day. Within this article, you will find the necessary steps to get your business profile up and running in very little time.

  1. A business page needs to be separate from your personal profile. On the Facebook homepage, right below the sign up section is a link that says, “Create a Page for a celebrity, band, or business.” Click the link and follow the instructions to set up your profile.
  2. Populate your “About” page by adding company details such as address, phone, website, description, and hours. You will also notice there are other tabs at your disposal, but for now stick with the basics. Be sure to add some related photos as well; visual elements will add to the interest.
  3. Selecting the info tab as your default page is the best choice for a business. This promotes information directly related to your company when an individual who is not a fan of your business lands on your profile.
  4. Modify your privacy setting to ensure that your profile is publicly available as this is the main reason for the development of the profile. You can still limit certain sections to fans only, but make sure you do not block the basic information about your company.
  5. Find fans by starting with your friends and family. Even if they do not have Facebook, you can send invitations to their email encouraging them to sign up. As word spreads, your business will be recommended to your fans’ networks.