There are many factors that affect the SEO of your website and how well it will rank in search engines. Things like meta tags, valuable/relevant content, bounce rate, inbound/outbound links, page views, website usability, and loading speed all have some sort of role in the SEO playing field. However, it is an old, common belief that purchasing multiple website domains and pointing them towards your main website can improve SEO. Is this practice still true and effective?

Below are two different ways people use multiple domain addresses:

Parking a Domain with No Redirects

Let’s say you have a website,, and you purchase the domain and park it on your existing website.

Google considers different website addresses as different web pages, and different web pages should not contain the same content. So, if you park on, they are still different website addresses, and Google can penalize you for duplicate content, resulting in a lower website ranking.

The advantage to parking a domain is to use a different address for email, maybe it is shorter or easier to spell. This approach is very common but it is highly recommended that the extra domain be pointed with a 301 redirect so it does not create duplicate content issues.

Pointing a Domain Using a Permanent 301 Redirect

The only value that buying domains and pointing them to your current website provides is that it can collect any direct visits, meaning someone would have to type the URL exactly into the address bar (which is very, very rare).

Otherwise, it does not provide organic searches unless a separate website – with original content – is built and hosted independently. Then, marketing is done to increase awareness of the domain, basically doubling your marketing efforts.

Having Multiple Domains Does Not Work! Save Your Money.

Nowadays, if you try to use more than one domain for a website, it can actually confuse search engines and hurt your rankings. With this in mind, if you’re trying to think of ways to improve your website’s SEO, you can scratch purchasing multiple domains off your list!