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Christopher Glenn, BottleShare

Christopher Glenn is the Founder and Executive Director for Bottleshare. Bottleshare is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant emergency funds to members of the craft beverage industry. Applicants who experience extreme hardships that prevent them from working are given monetary grants that allow them to focus on recovery and healing.

Christopher first joined the craft brew industry by filling in shifts at a brewery where his sister worked, eventually becoming bar manager. At Bottleshare, Christopher leverages his marketing, sales, and customer service skills from his previous experience in real estate to serve people in need.

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Podcast highlights with Christopher Glenn of Bottleshare

  • Christopher Glenn talks about how he developed a passion for craft beer
  • The tragic accident that leads to the creation of Bottleshare
  • How does Bottleshare’s program work?
  • Christopher explains Bottleshare’s marketing strategy
  • Ways to help out at Bottleshare
  • Memorable moments in Bottleshare’s journey

In this episode…

When tragedy strikes, the most natural response is to focus on your own problems. Christopher Glenn did the opposite.

Christopher suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a drunk driver in 2018. In the wake of this massive ordeal, he was supported by his community of fellow craft beer lovers. Taken aback by the overwhelming response, his only question was, “How can I make this happen for others?” In 2020 his new organization, Bottleshare, exceeded their goal of raising $20,000 in grants for suffering families in the craft beer community by 600% — handing out $124,000. How did Christopher find purpose and fulfillment through serving others after extreme hardship?

On this episode of Pitcher This!, Darren Fox talks with Bottleshare Founder and Executive Director Christopher Glenn about turning a passion for craft beer into an opportunity for service. Christopher talks about how Bottleshare’s program works, its marketing and outreach strategy, and how you can support Bottleshare’s mission.

Sponsor for this episode…

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