Idea Marketing Group’s lead developer, Len Bradley, celebrates his 4th year working for Idea!

Ever since 2003, when Len was first introduced to website design and creation through a gaming community he was involved with, Len has retained a passion for building and maintaining websites. The gaming community wanted their very own web page, which Len took part in creating. He began dedicating his time to learning everything there is to know about web development by doing research and starting up small projects of his own.

Len’s first professional position was in 2006 working for a startup company, where he was given the role of creating front end user interfaces. Len started with Idea in 2013 and has come a long way in his career. He now specializes in creating HTML/CSS websites for small to medium-sized businesses that are fully functional and optimized for search. Not only that, but he also has a lot of experience with PHP programming, database management, and interface design. Len takes pride in his abilities and has launched a number of websites here at Idea.

Everyone at Idea enjoys having Len on the team. He is the go-to guy when there are questions about the technical side of designing websites. We all wish Len a happy anniversary and want to thank him for his dedication and hard work over the years!

Len’s favorite part about working at Idea:

“I’ve learned a lot from working at Idea, and I enjoy taking on new challenges and projects. I also enjoy working with a talented team of dedicated individuals who constantly strive for excellence.”