Amlan International specializes in livestock health products and is a “global leader in food and feed safety.” With a focus on organic, natural products instead of using hormones, Amlan has created innovative products that “allow the animal’s own biological systems to naturally defend against harmful diseases.” Selling both poultry feed additive and dairy cattle health products, Amlan is dedicated to improving animal health through intestinal health.

Amlan is a certified international Safe Feed/Safe Food plant that adheres to comprehensive standards, providing customers with safety and quality assurances. Many of their products also have the Organic Materials Review Institute seal of approval, meaning their products are approved to be used in organic production and processing.

Amlan International wanted a very visual website that provides users with plenty of information about who they are and the products they produce, while also being engaging and interactive. With years of experience in manufacturing web design, Idea Marketing Group built a custom website for Amlan on the WordPress platform, working with them every step of the way to bring their vision to life.

Featuring a variety of animation and a visual design, the Amlan website was built with a backend into WordPress that allows the company to go in and update information and add blog posts as needed. The site was also fully optimized for search, meaning it will rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Users who are trying to access the website from their phones or tablets will have no trouble, as we built the website to be mobile friendly and responsive.

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