Many businesses ask when is a good time to redo a website? The old rule of thumb was to simply say three years and leave it at that. Three years in the Internet world goes by in a flash. Internet browsers seem to be changing on a monthly basis and new technology is introduced almost daily.

With the Internet’s increasing popularity, people are relying more and more on websites to address their needs. Stale websites that rarely get updated immediately lose the interest of new age web surfers. Web surfers today are becoming more keen on identifying websites that look like they were done with little care. If this is the effort a company puts into its own image, what does that say about its products or services. The competition has already caught on as well; new web sites are being rolled out daily pushing older, out-of-date web sites further down in the search results.

This constantly changing technology offers companies an opportunity to provide customers a more interactive and highly polished experience which can build brand awareness and increase the yearly profits. A company needs to keep its image fresh in order to beat out the competition. So when is a good time to do a web redesign? Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Has the text on your website been updated within the last 6 months?
  • Have you introduced a new product or service that is not listed on your website?
  • Can you tell someone without hesitation that your website a good representation of your business?
  • Does your website match your current marketing pieces?